Mims VFDTo Whom It May Concern:
MIMS Volunteer Fire Dept. & Ambulance Service has been in existence
since 1972 and one of the few rural volunteer fire departments with a
volunteer ambulance service in the state of Texas. We are the first response
for fire and medical in precinct 1 and part of precinct 2 in Marion County, and
the Corp Of Engineers on the north shore of Lake OrThe Pines. Our area is
approximately 105 square miles and has a variable inhabitance of 2,500 to
3,000 people.

Our existence is mainly due to the donations of the community here
locally with approximately $13,000 coming from the county yearly.
Due to the upgrading of the bridge across Johnson Creek here at Lake
OThe Pines we will be losing our Station 1 which is located next to the creek.
This land is owned by the Corps Of Engineers and leased to the County. The
building was built by the community and has housed some of our fire
equipment. The building is already being outgrown by the size of newer
equipment and amount of equipment.

It is our plans to build a Newer and larger station on property that was
donated to the fire department. The new station would not only house and
furnish our present needs but would give us the potential for growth in the
upcoming years in this area of Marion County, Texas.

It is unfortunate that we do not have the funds to build this new station
at present but hopefully we will be able to find funds or grants to help us
better meet the community’s needs. At present we are housing our engine
at a distant station that only allows 6″ of space to back into and barely
handles its length. With the new station the main equipment would be
housed in the center of our area and not on the fringes.

At present our only bid we have is $868,000 dollars (without ground work
and without technical drawings) with 2 more bids being solicited. We would
greatly appreciate any ideas or means to fund this type of building since our
equipment is being updated, when possible, to better protect the community.

Denzil Messman
Chief MIMS VFD & Ambulance Service

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