We have a scammer that is targeting businesses in the area. A “technician” calls from a Restricted number and says that they are going to turn off your services because of a problem with your bill, but that if you call this number 1-800-636-2080 you can see if anything can be done to stop the cancel service order. (I have since looked the number up and it is a known scammer number in a number of different cities). We called the 1-800 and were told that our last payment did not go thru and we have ignored 2 notices of such. We can however go to the Dollar Store and get a card in the amount owed and call back with the card information.

A utility company is NEVER going to send a service person out after hours or on a Saturday or Sunday to cancel service. This scam works when the regular office hours are closed so that you cannot get in touch with the business customer service and you start to fill panicked that you businesses utilities will be turned off during peak business hours.